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July 25th
1:29 pm

danny brown, the nbhd, and the bad suns in oakland today ayeee

July 20th
3:49 am


July 20th
3:47 am

my bruthur

July 18th
11:41 am

June 29th
12:55 am

June 20th
11:03 pm

theyre all white hahahaha i hate where i live

June 17th
3:22 am

white boys always got s/t wrong w/ them psh

June 16th
8:40 pm



June 11th
2:03 am

June 5th
2:26 am

June 5th
2:25 am

June 5th
2:16 am

if i ever loved a white boy..zach robinson

June 5th
2:11 am

June 5th
2:09 am

June 2nd
10:22 pm

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