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August 18th
11:27 pm

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August 15th
10:38 am


Federico Castellon ~ "The Dark Figure", 1938

August 15th
10:37 am


This guy had his wife make a bite impression in clay for me to cut into his shoulder. Cutting/removal scarification by Brian Decker of Pure Body Arts.

August 15th
10:35 am

August 8th
3:27 pm

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August 7th
5:26 pm

August 7th
5:20 pm

Hayao Miyazaki marching to protest against nukes, with 2 people and 1 dog.

August 7th
5:20 pm


i think about this a lot

August 7th
5:20 pm


The night he found out that his dad past away. 
Honestly a powerful picture. Game day and you find out a person you love is gone?

I reblog this every time.

August 7th
4:20 am


The Killers | Believe Me Natalie

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August 5th
9:54 pm

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August 5th
9:53 pm

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August 5th
9:49 pm


Hector Zavala

August 5th
9:33 pm

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August 5th
4:54 pm